Samba Cup, Christmas Day in Gili Trawangan

Before tourism, fishing was the biggest source of income on the Gilis for local people. In North Lombok this is still the same. In one of these villages, Putat, the boat SV Vivian was built. Within a year it became the most famous Sunset Party Boat and one of the main adventure events on the Gilis. To honour the Fishermen, Putat and its North Lombok neighbourhood villages, on the support of this project, Samba Villas hosts a sail race every year on December 25th. This event is designed to give something back to those from this beautiful region, fighting for a living every day. Samba Cup has several categories with and without sails. Starting at Villa Ombak and finishing at Samba Villas. SV Vivian guides those racing teams and hosts the winner ceremony. +62 37 061 94818